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Juliana Campos - Dynamic Pilates

After 15 years as a personal trainer Juliana had the desire to learn and develop new ways of training. Her fusion Pilates workout offers a unique way of keeping fit and injury free - it helps strengthen the core and through a series of dynamic exercises, activates all muscle groups in the body.

Juliana offers a Dyanmic Mat-based Pilates class to strengthen posture and alignment using Brazillian techniques, with a focus on core strength to tone, tighten and improve flexibility.

Juliana also offers a B Strong Pilates class which is a high-powered blitz class using ankle weights and resistance bands for a full body workout targeting the glutes and legs. Expect to sweat!

You can also book personal 1-1 sessions with Juliana by calling or emailing the Spa.

Call: 0207 259 4980


Juliana Campos

Juliana Campos - Dynamic Pilates