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Makiko Imato - Bespoke Alignment Massage

A stimulating body treatment that combines osteopathic techniques and a variety of massage styles according to individual needs. By working on joints, muscles and connective tissue together, the treatment can enhance posture, restore balance and give a deep sense of relaxation.

Makiko Imato, (m.ost), is a qualified osteopath and massage therapist with 20 years of experience both in her native japan and the UK. She worked for over 6 years in some of the best hotels and spas in japan practising a range of massage and beauty treatments and continuously developing her skills and exploring new techniques. She was particularly interested in the muscular-skeletal system. Knowing from her experience as a therapist how many people are living with joint and muscle pain and the impact that has on their overall wellbeing she was determined to deepen her understanding in this area. This led her to London to study and to work. She completed a 4 year degree at the university college of osteopathy, (qualifying in 2011), and by 2019 she had acquired a solid base of loyal clients. At the centre of her philosophy is the belief in “whole person” health and she has developed her own treatment methods combining massage techniques and osteopathy to realign the body to its natural posture along with encouraging deep relaxation.

Makiko- alignment massage

Makiko Imato - Bespoke Alignment Massage