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Moving From The Heart with Pippa Richardson- 14th March


Through an embodied hatha yoga practice, this two-hour workshop aims to connect you with your true self and inner wisdom. We will use movement, journaling and meditation to explore the theme of self-compassion and how this impacts our lives - both on and off the yoga mat. Led by yoga and body awareness therapist, Pippa Richardson, this reflective workshop aims to deepen your connection between mind and body. Through mindful movement, you will be guided to listen to your intuition and innate body wisdom - discovering a yoga practice that deeply serves you and your needs. Integrating the insights from our practice, we will conclude by identifying how and where we can invite more love and compassion into our every day lives. This workshop intends to be a deeply nourishing morning of self-care and reflection - a true gift to your heart and wellbeing.

Pippa is a highly regarded Yoga & Body Awareness Therapist, she works in the NHS with individuals in Intensive Treatment Programs for Eating Disorders. She has worked with a broad range of clients, including the British Army, Save the Children, The foreign and Commonwealth office and professional athletes. As the Founder of ‘the girlness project’ – an initiative that supports the physical and emotional wellbeing of young women – Pippa also works regularly with schools to deliver sessions that educate young women on the key topics of self-esteem, social media, body image and resilience. Pippa is an engaging and inspiring speaker who weaves insights from her personal journey alongside practices that promote a healthy relationship with body and mind.

Pippa Richardson

Moving From The Heart with Pippa Richardson- 14th March