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Ruth Anne Adams - Healing and Lunar Specialist

Ruth Anne Adams is a ground-breaking healer. As a clinical specialist in women’s mental and hormone health, as well as a lunar expert and astrologist with over 10 years’ experience, Ruth harnesses the worlds of science and ancient holistic practices to improve your entire wellbeing by working with the mind, body and celestial cycles in harmony.


Each session with Ruth is completely bespoke and designed around your needs. In any client’s first session Ruth carries out an in-depth analysis of concerns you’re currently facing and performs a gentle Hypnotherapy exercise to uncover their origins. She will then map the best treatment journey for you, which may include one of the healing practices listed below.

Duration: Starting from 60 minutes Price: Starting from £XXX


You can book a session with Ruth or enquire about available appointments by calling or emailing the Spa.

Call: 0207 259 4980



A pocket guide to panic

At a time when many of us have experienced an increasing feeling of panic, in our online journal Ruth Anne Adams shares a few ways that we can bring balance to the mind and body to help dissolve feelings of anxiety, stress, negative thought patterns or beliefs to support our mental health and physical well-being.