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Ruth Anne Adams - Healing and Lunar Specialist

Ruth Anne Adams is a groundbreaking healer, who restores your natural alignment and brings you back into the natural cycles of your body and the greater universe around you.

As a clinical specialist in women’s mental and hormone health, as well as a lunar expert and astrologist with over 10 year’s experience she is able to uniquely bring together the worlds of science and ancient holistic practices to improve your entire wellbeing by working with the mind, body and celestial cycles in harmony.

Each session with Ruth is completely bespoke and designed around your needs. In the initial session Ruth carries out an in-depth analysis of concerns you’re currently facing and a gentle Hypnotherapy exercise to uncover their origins. She will then map the best journey of treatment for you.

-Regression Healing - To truly improve your future wellbeing, Ruth begins with healing the past. This is a unique regression style of healing which unlocks emotional trauma’s, addictions, blocks and toxic beliefs that are having a negative impact and completely dissolves the mind and body’s hold on them.

-Restoring Balance - This is a deeply restorative treatment to rebuild a balanced alignment between your thoughts, emotions and their physical impact on the body. Allow you to restore the connection between your energy and the celestial cycles for harmonious, everyday wellbeing.

-Intention Setting - Unlock the potential to set intentions which have a deep impact on your future wellbeing and create lasting changes. Ruth will guide you to connect with your intuition and design a bespoke program of self-care rituals to help you continue to a path of healing and let your power to manifest flow.

-Lunar Cycle Alignment (Exclusive to Bamford) - Ruth creates a personal life map to help you to journey into the cycles of your mind and body, and bring you back into living by the cycles of the moon. Creating a structure of meditation and self-care rituals for drawing in what you desire, fulfilment and high energetic empowerment, then letting go of what is not serving you all in line with the stages of the lunar calendar.

-Astrology Birth Chart (New and Exclusive to Bamford) - By understanding our origins, we can understand ourselves and chart a course for the future in harmony with all we are. During your Celestial Birth Chart consultation, Ruth will help you discover how the stars aligned from the moment you are born and how you can use this learning to shape your future goals, your health and your happiness.

You can book sessions with Ruth by calling or emailing the Spa.

Call: 01608 731703