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Ruth Anne Adams - Healer, Cotswolds

Ruth Anne Adams is a ground breaking therapist and healer, who works with the mind, body and energy field as one to restore your natural alignment with the cycles of your life and the greater universe around you. With over 15 year’s experience she seamlessly brings together the worlds of clinical therapy and ancient holistic practices to improve your entire wellbeing in this unique 360 approach to healing.


Each session with Ruth is completely bespoke and designed around your needs. Following an in-depth analysis of the mental or physical concerns you are currently facing, she will then map the best journey of treatment for you combining psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and deep energy healing to completely release the negative thoughts, feelings, traumatic experiences and toxins that are impacting you. All sessions include a 14 day bespoke at home program which runs alongside your sessions.

Ruth is also an expert in women’s health, with a highly successful and long running specialist practice in the treatment of hormone imbalances and fertility concerns.

Book a session

  • Unbound Healing – £200 – 90 mins
  • Crystal Healing – 75 mins – £150.00
  • Full/New Moon Session – 75 mins – £150.00

You can book sessions with Ruth by calling or emailing the Spa.

Call: 01608 731703



Crystal healing with Ruth

Crystals are nature's energy amplifiers and powerful tools that can help us to heal, manifest and unlock our intuition. Through a guided crystal healing session you will discover, cleanse and rebalance the subtle energies of your mind, body and aura. Ruth will also guide you through setting powerful intentions using crystals and creating a program to manifest your desires.

Crystal Healing – 75 mins – £150.00


Ruth creates a personal life map to help you to journey into the cycles of your mind and body, and bring you back into living by the cycles of the moon. Discover how the moon pulls on you at specific times due to your personal astrology. Then create a structure of meditation and rituals for manifesting your desires and balancing your energy systems all in line with the stages of the lunar calendar.

Full Moon or New Moon Session – 75 mins – £150.00

Ruth Anne Adam's pocket guide to panic

At a time when many of us have experienced an increasing feeling of panic, in our online journal Ruth Anne Adams shares a few ways that we can bring balance to the mind and body to help dissolve feelings of anxiety, stress, negative thought patterns or beliefs to support our mental health and physical well-being.