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B-Silent Treatment

Our B Silent treatment is devoted to relaxing your body and preparing it for sound, restful sleep using the products from our B-Silent range, developed to aid and improve sleep quality.

A stress-reducing footbath using Japanese shiatsu rocking techniques and our B-Silent night-time concentrate opens the body’s meridians and begins the process of deep relaxation.

This moves on to a full back massage with our B-Silent body oil, a blend of roman chamomile, cannabis sativa and lavender flower oils, followed by a series of assisted stretches designed to release stress, loosen tight hips, unlock the lower back and gently rotate the spine.

A massage on the neck and chest pressure points aims to release chronic stress, which is one of the main causes of depleted serotonin and can affect our ability to sleep well. Finally, the B-Silent organic temple balm is applied to the forehead and temples to complete the treatment and prepare the body and mind for deep, peaceful sleep. (55 minutes)

Bamford Spa | B-Silent Treatment

B-Silent Treatment