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Bamford Full-Body Signature

Our signature treatment combines carefully targeted ancient healing techniques to offer you a fully immersive body experience that nurtures your well-being holistically. A footbath made with dead sea salts and Epsom salts begins the cleansing and relaxation process, drawing toxins from the body and allowing it to absorb magnesium to reduce inflammation and aid sleep.

Japanese shiatsu massage is then used to open the body’s meridians, penetrate the muscles and start to unblock the energy channels to restore balance and flow. Using gently warmed massage oil, Swedish massage on the back and legs targets areas of concern and releases specific points of tension, before a heated chakra stone is placed on the abdomen for a gentle abdominal massage. Abdominal massage has been shown to have wide-ranging benefits including stress and pain relief through to improving gut health.

Finally, you will be given an Indian head massage. As well as relieving headaches, pain and calming the mind, the technique has been shown to increase circulation to the brain as well as improve scalp and hair condition. The treatment finishes with assisted yogic breathing to refresh the lungs and oxygenate and invigorate the body. (85 minutes)

Bamford Spa | Bamford Full-Body Signature

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Bamford Full-Body Signature