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Pilates stretches and strengthens the muscles at the same time, and is designed to improve flexibility, balance and coordination.

We host a variety of styles at our Brompton Cross studio; mat-based and more cardio-based forms.

  • 60 minute Pilates classes £20
  • 75 minute Pilates classes £25
  • 90 minute Pilates classes £30
  • 1:1 Reformer Pilates £100
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Reformer Pilates

A 1:1 full-body Reformer Pilates workout, designed to improve core stability, posture, mobility and strength. During this 1:1, the instructor will custom design the session according to your personal injuries, weaknesses, or goals.

Power Pilates

Where strength meets length, grace & sass - The name says it all. In 45 mins you’ll experience a full body flow of dynamic Pilates with a touch of Barre & functional exercises thrown in to up the tempo & take your regular Pilates up a notch.