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Sacred Cacao Ceremony- 29th May

29th May 2-4:30pm

Shifting from the micro perspective of the ego to the macro perspective of the soul with breath work, plant medicine, meditation, pure intention and a gong bath. You will use breath work techniques to recharge your body and control your mental state by regulating the flow of prana.

Cacao was used in ritual and ceremony by our ancestors and was considered sacred. Sharing and drinking cacao in its purest form allows a deeper connection to ourselves, our own intuition and inner guidance so we can set pure intentions for our highest good and the good of others.

You will then practice heart meditation; coming back home to our true self and a place of compassion, forgiveness, inspiration, creativity, love and joy. Enjoy the sounds of sacred gongs. The gong supports healing at multiple levels – physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual.

Included in the Workshop:

Breathe work techniques

Cacao drinking ceremony

Meditation during Gong Bath

Enjoy a complimentary refreshing seasonal juice at the Orchard Bar on arrival

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Sacred Cacao Ceremony- 29th May