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From Auto-Pilot to Being Present with Natalia Bojanic - 17th August


The quality of our attention changes how we experience life.

In this mindfulness workshop Natalia will share practices that supports moving us from being scattered and distracted to be more present. The purpose of this interactive session is that participants leave with concrete skills to cultivate healthy states of mind and awareness of our emotional landscape.

The result? Inner peace and overall wellbeing!

About Natalia:

Natalia Bojanic is a meditation teacher with wide-ranging training, from time in a monastery in Nepal to being trained by Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, a program born at Google and developed by the thought-leaders in Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness. She is the creator of a mindful app called Sexy Mind and also Co-Founder of Form, Plant-Based Nutrition for Body & Mind.

A former PR Director with over 10 years’ experience in the luxury goods industry working with brands from Land Rover to Dior; Natalia is now a communicator on a mission to help people live a more fulfilling life, and to support them in developing a joyful and emotionally-resilient mind.

Natalia’s passion is to offer practical tools to help us increase connection and creativity in our lives. She is committed to passing on knowledge in a fun and inspiring way.

Bamford gift bag and light refreshments included.

Location: Haybarn, Brompton Cross.

Image of Natalia

From Auto-Pilot to Being Present with Natalia Bojanic - 17th August