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Sinead de Hóra- Intuitive Healing

Multi award-winning intuitive specialist, Sinéad de Hóra, will target the root cause of the issue or concern that may cause the symptom that you feel. Whether you are struggling emotionally, low in energy or just feeling disconnected from your mind and body. Sinéad will guide and support you on your journey to reconnect to yourself. Combining energy healing, alternative therapy, highly specialised massage techniques and more, you will gain clarity of mind, a deeper understanding of your emotions and an increased sense of conscious awareness to your energy and body. You will leave feeling lighter yet grounded, and with a new lease for life.

Sinéad de hóra is a multi award-winning intuitive specialist, empowering speaker and founder of treatment creations. Sinéad specialises in using a variety of massage techniques, energy reading and energy healing. Sinéad reads energy to determine any energetic blocks in your emotional and physical wellbeing. Targeting the root cause of any issue or concern, you will quickly see a transformation take place when you both work together keeping your goals in focus. Overcome difficult emotions, learn to understand your body’s messages, awaken your consciousness awareness and learn to live in a harmony with your mind, body and energy. Clarity of mind, peace in heart and a new sense of love for life are a few common results that her clients feel the most after working with sinéad.

Sinead De Hora- Intuitive healing

Sinead de Hóra- Intuitive Healing