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Jasmine St Cliere - Yoga and Sound Healing Instructor

Jasmine St Cliere began her holistic healing journey and trained as a Yoga teacher in India, having already established a career in the performative arts. Wanting to deepen her own understanding of energy and body work, Jasmine furthered her Yoga training to explore Reiki and more nuanced, restorative forms of yoga. Jasmine has worked with a diverse range of levels, trained along side athletes as well as clients in rehabilitation. Having taught workshops and retreats across Europe and in the Caribbean, her teaching style is reflected in her diverse range of classes she teaches at our Brompton Cross Wellness Spa.

Jasmine works with sound and vibrational frequencies to guide you on a journey of self discovery and deep restorative relaxation. Her sets combines the use of Crystal Singing Bowls, the gong, tuning forks and more to delve into the incredible and powerful world of sound.

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