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Lunar Living Workshop - 30th October

30th October 2.30-4pm

The moon is the closest astronomical object to Earth, which makes it an extremely strong force. The Lunar calendar affects the tides, the earth's energy, and of course human beings too. Living in alignment with the moon is about understanding the balance between being in tune with your own personal energies and the relationship this has with the lunar calendar.

In this workshop, we explore the majestic mysteries of the moon and how we can live cyclically with and not against her. You will also learn breathwork and yogic techniques to practice across the different lunar phases.

Included in the Workshop:

Introduction to the lunar calendar

Astrological signs and the elements

Yoga and breathwork for the different lunar phases

Enjoy a complimentary refreshing seasonal juice or herbal infusion at the Tea Bar

10% off your shop after the workshop*

*including treatments

new moon sound healing

Lunar Living Workshop - 30th October