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From Pain to Power: A Workshop on how to overcome your limitations- 26th June

1-2:30 pm Saturday 26th June

Join us for a healing and empowering masterclass on how to breakthrough self sabotaging behaviours with top Mindset and Performance Coach Poppy Cross.

This interactive and intimate workshop will teach you how depression, anxiety, fear, poor self worth, low confidence and lack of purpose - are all signs that you are believing a false, disempowering narrative and pattern of behaviour which you created when you were younger and that's not serving you as an adult.

Poppy will teach you how to understand the human negative bias and that by realising your self-sabotaging behaviours, it's possible to shift into a more mindful and optimal way of being and doing that is focused on opportunity and goal-aligned action. This enables the move from pain to passion and purpose with empowered, confident, courageous and clear behaviour and action.

Host: Poppy Cross, Life Coach

Poppy Cross, is a leading Mindset and Performance Coach who coaches her clients to achieve their life goals by removing their limiting beliefs and behaviours that block their ability to thrive. Any sabotaging behaviours and disempowering narratives that have been preventing true prosperity are mindfully brought to the client's awareness, allowing them to understand why certain career's, relationships and opportunities may not have worked out in the past.

Please Bring with you a note pad and pen to jot down some notes and also a picture of yourself around the age of 7 for reflection purposes.

Enjoy a complimentary refreshing seasonal juice or herbal infusion at the Tea Bar

10% off your shop after the workshop*

*including treatments

Location: London, Brompton Cross

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From Pain to Power: A Workshop on how to overcome your limitations- 26th June