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Rope Wall Yoga- 26th June

26th June 2-5pm

Rope wall yoga is a method of performing a variety of asanas with the help of a rope to enable the practioner to attain accuracy, agility and balance. This style is useful for people who are generally stiff or unable to perform yoga poses without added stability. The set of practice leads you to achieve a stronger, deeper and more effective stretch and opening of the physical body. The traction of ropes provides safe support that can be leveraged for deeper chest opening, forward extensions, backward extensions and inverted postures. The session ends with a guided relaxation.

Schedule :

14.00 : 14.30 Warm up and chest openers

14.30 : 15.00 Backward extensions

15.00 : 15.30 Forward extensions

15.30 : 16.00 Abdominal and Lumbar postures

16.00 : 16.30 Inversions

16.30 : 17.00 Guided relaxation

Vettri is a disciple of renowned yoga master Sri Swami Satchidananda. He has studied and taught ancient Hatha Yogic Scriptures under the traditions of Kaivalyadham and has been teaching yoga for the last 26 years. He is the author of Manuscript called “Guide to Yogic Practices.


Rope Wall Yoga- 26th June