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Satsang with Vivek - 19/20/21 July

Friday 19th July (6-8pm), Saturday 20th July (1-3pm), Sunday 21st July (1-3pm)

Tickets £25 payable at the event.

Vivek is a spiritual teacher in the Advaita lineage of Sri Ramana Maharshi, devoted to serving the awakening of all beings.

Satsang with Vivek is like "yoga for the soul." It is an invitation to begin or to deepen your spiritual awakening and live an awakened life. His clarity points towards the true nature of the self and shows the difference between the illusory mind and reality.

In dialogue and silent connection with questioners, Vivek guides you to reach deeper levels of consciousness and experience self realisation directly and profoundly.

You can learn what true self-enquiry is and how that liberates you from your limiting thought patterns and so-called negative emotions. You will be guided to return to your source, the truth of who you really are: a natural, open-hearted, happy, loving, free and aware being.

Through being this close to Vivek, transformation happens: from a limited ego into a conscious being.

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