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The Human Method with Nahid de Belgeonne - 29th February


Graceful living through intelligent movement. A revolutionary mind/body practice that can transform the well-being of exhausted, burned-out high-fliers and celebrities is finally open to everyone.

Nahid De Belgeonne, the fitness expert who has helped transform the mind and bodies of everyone from Gemma Arterton to fashion editors and CEO’s, releases her cult mind/body practice: The Human Method™. Designed to help those fatigued from our ‘always on’ culture, The Human Method™ has taken Nahid over 13 years to create and is already the secret go-to practice for Nahid’s private A-list clients from the worlds of film, TV, fashion and finance.

The Human Method™ by Nahid blends slow yoga flow, somatic movements and restorative yoga poses with breathing techniques resulting in a completely unique practice that helps calms clients' nervous systems to align over-exerted bodies and minds.

The Human Method with Nahid de Belgeonne

The Human Method with Nahid de Belgeonne - 29th February