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It has always been our philosophy to support this community, to nurture the relationships that uphold it, and to see the valuable skills it offers survive. It is a philosophy that stems from the work of our founder Carole Bamford, who has set charitable foundations to support a range of causes.

The Lady Bamford Charitable Trust

‘My love affair with India started over 40 years ago... In that time I have had the privilege of spending time with people, learning from their spirituality and being the recipient of their kindness, warmth and fun.’ Carole Bamford

In a country that has given us so much, The Lady Bamford Charitable Trust was founded to give back. The Trust is committed to work in partnership with the government and local communities to help people from the most disadvantaged quarters access a better quality of life. In 2001 it was founded with three clear objectives: to improve education, help eradicate poverty, support women and children.

Since the trust’s launch, it has: supported the quality of education within schools; provided skills and training to help prepare pupils for life after school; helped women and young men from developing communities learn traditional crafts and then use these skills to provide valuable employment; set up self-help groups within rural communities so that women have greater financial literacy and autonomy and helped build roads, sanitation units, water pipelines and providing medical facilities.

Its work within these communities has evolved delicately over the years to ensure that this work has an enduring effect. In the past 15 years, the Trust has seen extraordinary change. The courage shown within these communities is heart-warming as they embrace new challenges and take on new responsibility – empowered by the knowledge that change comes from within.

If your plan is for one year, plant rice.

If your plan is for ten years, plant trees.