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From our founder Carole Bamford  

Spring feels as though it’s giving way to summer. The days are getting warmer and my garden is showing all the signs of being fed by sunshine – full of colour and fragrance.

Lots of us are starting to think about our summer wardrobe, so for those looking a new piece or something for a holiday escape, I’m excited to have launched Bamford’s second capsule collection in collaboration with Martha Ward. There are smock dresses, jumpsuits and vintage-inspired blouses – each in soft, nostalgic colours that make me think of sunshine.

A change of season often makes me want to rethink the scents I’m using, so our new citrus and sage body ranges feel perfect for this time of year – the bright, refreshing fragrances make me think of sunshine and are an invigorating start to the morning.

I hope that this issue of Bamford Life inspires you to savour this wonderful time of the year.



Meet Martha Ward

Introducing our second limited-edition collection with fashion stylist Martha Ward – a capsule of seven feminine pieces.


Pot Luck

Peckham based Olivia Fiddes is a wondrous ceramicist whose work we love so much, we have collaborated on a mini capsule collection of homeware with her, launching this month

Spring Tingles

Inspired by the sun, powered by botanicals

The Spring Wet Spa

An ode to the water element


Ephemeral Scents of Summer

Bathe your home in the aroma of your favourite flower with Garden Diffusers



Nourish yourself this month by attending our Bamford events! Don’t forget to RSVP



Three ways to put an extra Spring in your step this month



Our Founder's Favourites

Carole Bamford shares her go-to pieces for seasonal transitions


The Ritz-carlton Maldives, Fari Island

Wellness in rhythm with the ocean


Cause A Scent-sation

Smell as sweet as spring by layering your fragrances, your way

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Meet Pippa Richardson

Pippa Richardson is a highly regarded Somatic Therapist & Educator, Yoga Teacher, Speaker and Clinician. Outside of her clinical work, Pippa leads talks, workshops and retreats both in the UK and abroad. We spoke to Pippa about what Women's Month means to her.

Meet the maker: Sophie Lis

Sophie Lis founded her eponymous jewellery brand around the intention of making a difference in the world. Through her deeply symbolic designs and a responsible supply chain, Lis unites her fascination for the cosmos with her advocacy of female strength, resulting in beautiful jewellery.

The art of hand-intarsia

The craft of hand-intarsia, meaning 'inlaid by hand', is a knitting technique rooted in the heritage of the Scottish borders, having been produced there for generations. We have been producing hand-intarsia garments with the same maker for years, and are committed to ensuring the craft has a future.

A guide to atmospheric scenting

When it comes to creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere inside your home, one element is often overlooked: the scent. The question to ask is, which home fragrance - incense, candles, or diffuser - is better for creating an overall atmosphere? Read our guide to atmospheric scenting.

Fresh Starts

Reset after a long day with a nourishing double cleanse routine to rinse the last traces of the day away. Recharge after a bad night’s sleep with an invigorating morning shower routine, to instantly energise body and mind in tandem. Read on for our guide to Fresh Starts.

Three ways to do wellness this January

We achieve balance when we find a way to authentically integrate wellness practices and rituals into our routines. Whatever stage in your personal wellness journey you find yourself in, our expert practitioners are on hand to share their pearls of wellness wisdom to enjoy a balanced life.

The Spring-Summer 22 collection

This spring-summer we channel nature’s abundance in our curated collection: in colour, creativity, and above all, in the spirit with which we produce our clothing.

Active meditation: what is it and how do I do it?

Active meditation is any form of movement or activity that keeps you in a sustained meditative state and grounds you in the present moment. This form of meditation is well-suited to beginners to meditative practices, or those who are looking for alternative meditation styles. Learn more

Our Wellness Collection

Our Wellness Collection is designed to provide elevated essentials that feel beautiful to wear; smart and contemporary enough to move with you between a yoga class and the rest of your day. Made from 100% organic cotton and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Reflections on 2021

From the return of classes and events at our stores and spas, to the launch of our first Home-grown Merino Collection after two years in the making; through everything we do, we seek to inspire present and future generations alike to shop consciously and tread lightly.

Home-grown Merino wool: The story

Bamford is launching a first-of-its-kind merino wool knitwear collection, to be made entirely from UK wool that has been grown at Daylesford Organic farm in the Cotswolds.

The making of our button cuff

The journey and story behind this single piece sums up everything we do at Bamford. Explore the making of our button cuff sweater: consciously designed, responsibly made, attention to detail at every step.

Natural Selection

Natural Selection is a partnership between architects Farrokh Aman and James Binning. Our new Natural Selection range of clay sculptures brings character into any interior space, celebrating the strangeness and variety of what is grown in the ground through distinctive objects for the home.

Fortify your skin against colder weather

As we transition into colder months and the weather changes, our skin will react to the new season too. Our Wellness and Treatment Manager shares her fail-safe fortifying skincare regime for the cold months to protect skin against the cooler temperatures and drier air.

Bamford Wool Guide

We love the look, texture and versatility of wool along with its renewable properties. Wool is a resilient, high quality fibre and will last for years whilst maintaining its appearance adding value to the product and its lifespan.

Our first regenerative silk

for this collection we have transformed our silk supply chain to one that is regenerative, one which gives back to our planet and its soils. The silk farm that we source from uses responsible practices such as rotational cropping and intercropping, which promotes soil biodiversity.

Becky Cocks: The papier-mâché revival

Artist Becky Cocks takes an experimental approach to papier-mâché. Bamford have collaborated with Becky to create FORM, her first papier-mâché collection, as part of London Craft Week 2021.

Carole Bamford Late Summer Edit

With the sunny weather set to linger a few more weeks, we asked our founder Carole Bamford to put together a list of her late summer essentials to help make the most of the warm days for as long as they continue. Discover and shop the edit.

The story of our Autumn-Winter 21 collection

Our designers have drawn colour inspiration from Mezzaro textiles of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, finding a curious parallel between depictions of spirituality and connection in the antique cloth with our own commitment to using natural fibres that grow in harmony with the soil.

Sustaining support: a heritage of handweaving

Handwoven and hand-printed fabrics have a strong presence in each of our collections. We wanted to maintain their prominence in this spring–summer collection because of its significance to the people throughout its supply chain, traditions and skills that provide livelihoods to so many.

The Spring: The Water Element

The wet spa at our Cotswolds Spa harnesses the tranquillity of the water element in state-of-the-art facilities. The three areas of The Spring pay tribute to the ancient heritage of spas, born from a collective understanding of what it means to be well in one’s body, and to be well as a community.

The artistry of India: Our collaboration with Injiri

Our philosophy and focus with our clothing has always been to create garments that are timeless in their design and made to last you for years. Season after season, we are privileged to collaborate with Injiri, a clothing and homeware label founded by Chinar Farooqui.

Organic cotton: A relationship of reciprocity

More than three quarters of the cotton fibres we have used in our SS21 collection is either certified organic or handwoven, which in turn supports both people and planet. We have increased the organic content in our collection by 25% since last year.

New Bamford b Strong collection

To celebrate the launch of the new b Strong range, we turned to expert practitioners at our London and Cotswolds Wellness Spas to educate us on the role of recovery in strength, demystifying common misconceptions about what true rest is, and inspiring us as we continue on our own healing journeys.

The Orchard Bar: The Earth Element

The Orchard Bar offers a wheat-free menu for spa guests to enjoy before or after their restorative treatments. Using seasonal and organic ingredients, in-house nutritional chef Dominique Park has created a daily menu with a focus on wholegrain, fresh, locally-sourced and seasonal foods.

Proudly made in Scotland

Our choice to work with Scottish producers ensures us quality that is unrivalled. Their knowledge and understanding is unique; there is a value in the traditional means of spinning yarn and the choice of timeless stitches that allows us to create long-lasting, inherently beautiful knitwear.

Bamford presents Nila

Nila meaning ‘blue’ in Sanskrit is a charitable initiative, spearheaded by the Lady Bamford Foundation and dedicated to honouring and preserving the natural dye and handloom traditions of rural India.

Unit 89: Grounding in tactility

Unit 89 creates bespoke ceramic artworks that preserve a tangible human connection between the maker and the person that experiences a piece. The newest collection of Unit 89 ceramic vessels are now available to purchase in Bamford stores; made entirely by hand using a hand-pinching technique.

Returning to form with Jasmine St Cliere

These tips from our resident yoga teacher are intended to ensure you have the tools you need to gradually ease your body back into regular mindful movement; encouraging a smooth transition until it can once again become part of your daily or weekly routine.

The art of home scenting

Our Garden candle collection evokes the delicate fragrance of Carole Bamford’s favourite garden flowers – English Rose, English Lavender, White Iris, Wisteria and Lily of the Valley.

The collector of future heirlooms

We rely on craftsmanship to create many of our accessories, made with traditional skills that have themselves been inherited. These craft techniques are often a relic of past generations, handed down within artisan communities.

In the studio with Viv Lee

Glasgow-based ceramicist Viv Lee crafts stoneware vessels for the home using ancient hand-building techniques. The slow, meditative approach used to realise the sculptural forms allows Lee to be guided by bodily intuition, resulting in vessels that quietly reference the human form.

Bamford Vases: Companions for wildflowers

Hand-made in the cotswolds, our stoneware vases celebrate the beauty in simple forms. Their paired down aesthetic is signature of Caropot – a producer of stoneware vessels for the home and garden.

Carole Bamford's Wellness Edit

Everything we do at Bamford is rooted in this idea of nurturing the body and mind and building sustainable wellbeing practices that work for each of us. So, in order to help inspire you, here is a selection of the staples that currently form part of my daily rituals and habits.

Resolutions: A guide to starting small

At Bamford, we see value in the ripples of change that can come from even the smallest of actions. We hope to support you in whatever small changes you are making in January or any month this year.

Conscious cloth | Seed Magazine

Nina Marenzi discusses why the fashion industry needs to ‘diversify its fibre basket’, how what we wear affects the health of the planet’s soil, and how fashion can help to be part of the environmental solution rather than the problem.

Carole Bamford's Autumn Edit

As the days shorten and the nights draw further in, we asked our founder Carole Bamford to share some of the things she is turning to at the moment – to protect her skin, calm the mind and nourish the body as we start to settle into the stillness of winter.

How to maintain a productive routine this winter

In times of uncertainty, a routine provides a sense of control and that can positively reflect in our mental well-being and our physical health. Read on for simple ways to refresh your routine with wellness in mind as we head into winter.

Doe x Bamford: Home Accessories Collection

Our latest Home Accessories collection was conceived in collaboration with Suffolk-based leathermaker Doe. The parchment leather is a signature hide to Doe, of supreme quality which is dyed naturally with vegetable dyes and finished with hand-burnished edges.

In the studio with Mizuyo Yamashita

Mizuyo Yamashita is a Japanese ceramicist based in London. Mizuyo’s work focuses on making tableware and home decor objects mainly on the potter's wheel and applying surface decorating techniques that stem from Japanese and Korean traditions such as shinogi, mishima and kohiki.

Organic September 2020

From the natural fibres in our clothing ranges, to the active botanicals in our range of skincare, we have always championed organic initiatives. Our collaboration with the Soil Association raises awareness of how we, as individuals, can help to spur change.

Claudia Schiffer X Bamford: Limited Edition Beauty Collection

In honour of this special birthday Carole Bamford joins forces with her close friend Claudia Schiffer to create a limited-edition charity beauty collection, containing a selection of the daily skincare and wellness essentials that make up the heart of Claudia’s beauty regime.

Celia Dowson: Porcelain landscapes

Celia Dowson is a British artist whose artistic intention is to draw out the extraordinary in everyday objects. Her collections are designed and made with careful precision and are developed through observing the natural world and qualities of atmosphere and place.

Healing through transformation with Padma Coram

We turned to Healing and Transformation Specialist, Padma Coram, to share her insights on what she has learnt about coping with lockdown, and how we can use this experience to actively transform ourselves as we emerge from it.

Patrizia Sascor: Organic Forms

Patrizia Sascor is a London-based basket weaver, originally hailing from Milan, Italy. The aim of her work is to capture movement and rhythm within a still form. The result is a dynamic quality which gives each piece a personality and presence within the space they inhabit.

Giorgio Romani: Shaped by time

Giorgio Romani’s art explores the passage of time. Having devoted much of his own lifetime to the various aspects of woodturning, he finds it a personal way to research the balance between shapes and what nature can communicate.

Positive Luxury and the Butterfly Mark

Bamford is delighted to have earned the Butterfly Mark – an accreditation that serves to authenticate the positive impact of businesses and brands, and to be welcomed into the Positive Luxury community.

The path to treading lightly: the story of our face masks

Our face masks are born out of a desire for our customers, our guests and our staff to feel as confident as possible whilst going about their daily lives - through close collaboration with our suppliers, and a shared commitment to minimal waste in everything we do.

The Sun, Yoga and the Science of Life

The sun witnessed the dawn of yoga many thousands of years ago. Thus yoga, too, starts with the sun. Today, we see the bright noon of yoga lighting up the world as its popularity has spread from its origins in Northern India across the globe.

The art of block printing

Block printing has been a part of India's craft heritage yet the current demand for fast, mechanised production methods means this ancient skill is in danger of being wiped out and lost from recognition.

Interview: Weaving a heritage

The skills and steady handwork of the craftspeople with whom we collaborate require time - their precision demonstrating an innate respect for the resources the artisans rely on, in turn allowing us to avoid waste and over-production.

A Pocket Guide to Panic

Clinical hypnotherapist, mind coach and Bamford practitioner Ruth Anne Adams shares three ways we can work with the power of our minds to overcome feelings of panic and anxiety in the body.

How to live like a yogi at home

As many of us use this time to heal and nourish our minds and bodies, we hope to provide you with the means to rest, restore and care for your wellness in a holistic and effective way.

Breath Works

There are many techniques from both the East and the West that teach us how to breathe in a way that is best for our well-being. The basics, however, are simple and actually the most important for everyday use.

Making time for tea

Create your own tea ceremony at home with Bamford Organic Infusions. Choose an infusion that matches the state you would like to be in by the end of your meditation and ceremony.

Healing rituals at home

Well-being is a word that is not always fully understood, but for me it simply means being healthy and happy in body, mind and spirit. How we achieve well-being is personal to each of us - our healing rituals have been created to provide you with inspiration to nourish your well-being at home.

How to keep positive energy flowing through the home

Our homes can be our sanctuary, they can be our protectors: in taking care of the home, we are nurturing this relationship and honouring that it is a part of our well-being. We asked Alla to share her recommendations and techniques for keeping positive energy flowing through the home.

Nature's Remedies

Inspired by the healing qualities of yoga, our four essential oil blends harness the healing power of nature and can help re-set any disharmony in the body.

Sleep Well

We spend a third of our life doing it; it’s a vital process in our bodies’ ability to function and also to repair itself, yet we are the only species that intentionally deprives itself of sleep.

A holistic approach to healing

Interview with wellness practitioner Slavomir Latko. Slavomir Latko follows an ancient Daoist philosophy that emphasises living in harmony with nature and offers a holistic approach to healing cultivating not only physical, but also mental and spiritual well-being.

Bee nurtured

Designed by our founder Carole Bamford, our bee jewellery collection is inspired by the life’s essential pollinators and our goal to protect their natural environment.

The importance of recovery

'Recover as hard as you train' is a mantra that Harry Jameson is spreading in 2020

Positive Luxury Lifetime Achievement Award 2020

Positive Luxury announces Carole Bamford as winner of the Lifetime Achievement award 2020.


Bamford was founded on the philosophy that ‘wellbeing’ is a state that affects our body and mind, and that in order to be well – to be happy and healthy – we need to nurture the two in tandem. Meditation is simply a way of training our mind and pushing away its anxieties.

The Power of Crystals

Sleep better, spur change and sharpen your mind with these supercharged stones

Natural Highs

Energy is an elusive thing. We rely on it from the second we awake until the moment we climb back into bed. It sustains us as we move, work and talk; it enables us to concentrate, to focus, and to be creative.

Look up at the moon

Watching the moon from month to month and year to year will put you in touch with her cycles and rhythms – it will help you to remember that we’re all a part of something much bigger.

Hearthside Alpaca Hand-knit

Each season we product a single hand-knitted piece as a mark of our admiration of this rare skill and our commitment to preserving it. This winter, we have chosen to work with an alpaca yarn to create a beautifully soft and cosy winter jumper.

10 Years of our Chunky Moss Sweater

Bamford celebrates 10 years of its inimitable Chunky Moss Sweater. A milestone in our range of knitwear, this consciously-crafted garment quietly reinforces Bamford’s pledge: that clothes not only be made with integrity, but that they also be made to last.

Introducing the B Vibrant collection

Designed to awaken and uplift, these daily essentials stimulate the senses with their refreshing scent, while their revitalising textures invigorate both skin and scalp.

Lark V Owl

Whether a lark or an owl, our spirit animal rules our natural energetic state, from the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to sleep. We reflect on these constructs that have stood the test of time.

Flowing into the new season

How yoga teacher Rose van Cutsem is lighting up Autumn at Daylesford Farm

Making your cashmere last

We can often be too quick to run to the cleaners with garments that really don’t need to be dry-cleaned. The chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process are not kind to natural fibres.

Scent from nature

We’re delighted to reveal our first foray into fine fragrance, created using 80% Soil Association-certified organic ingredients.

Summer skincare: scrub your way to glowing skin

That transition from winter, when our body is covered by layers of clothing, to revealing what can seem like dull, pasty skin can feel intimidating.

Travel notes from India

Our founder Carole Bamford has been travelling to India for over 40 years. 'I am captivated by its people, its vibrancy, its crafts.' Here we share a conversation between Carole Bamford and Chinar Farooqui, founder of Injiri.

The happiness of travel

It’s been proven that doing new things opens up the neural pathways that keep our minds young, fresh and active.

Connect with your body: Find happiness within

Stress and anxiety sit in the past and future. The more present we are in our day-to-day life the more calm we’ll be.

Can we boost our brain power with dietary supplements?

At Bamford, we believe in nourishing body and mind inside and out, with pure natural ingredients and holistic means, but we know there are times when our bodies or minds need a little extra help.

Shining a light on Skincare

Natural and non-invasive, the treatment has been clinically proven to reverse the visible signs of ageing and accelerate cell renewal and healing.

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