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It’s A Way Of Life

Carole Bamford Signature

Bamford was founded on the belief that we need to be mindful of our connection to the earth – to live consciously, respect nature’s resources and the land that provides for us.

Our founder, Carole Bamford, is the owner and founder of Daylesford Farm, one of the most sustainable, pioneering organic farms in the UK, and bamford was born out of her belief that what we put on our body is as important as what we put into it through our food.

In harmony with nature

Everything that we do, make and craft connects us to nature and our surroundings. We source the finest natural fibres and materials for our clothing and homeware collections, and turn to the power of natural active botanicals to create our skincare and body ranges. We source ethically and responsibly, and we want to be able to account for the journey our products take to come into your hands.

Mindful living

We believe in slowing down: by tuning into our bodies and minds we reconnect with ourselves and the world around us and we lead a more conscious life.

Body, mind and spirit

We believe in the need to nurture body, mind and spirit in tandem – to feel well and to feel happy the three need to be aligned and in harmony. At our Bamford Wellness Spas we offer holistic treatments, classes and therapies focused around moving, breathing and healing and these three pillars form the core of our well-being philosophy.

Community and skills

At the heart of everything we do at bamford are our producers: the artisans and families who share our love of craftsmanship and traditional skills. We collaborate with them closely, celebrating the skill in the work of the hand, the beauty in the imperfect, and we strive to protect their valuable skills and traditions.


We create objects for the home and body to inspire our community to be more connected: to themselves, to others and to the environment. We do so in tandem with craftspeople and communities who bring our collections to life in an ethically-minded and conscious way.


Carole Bamford

Everything we do at Bamford is born out of my belief that we need to live more consciously: to slow our pace, be mindful of our footprint and take care of the earth that provides for us. In doing so we nourish and nurture our own well-being too.