B Silent Incense Sticks
$ 30

Create a meditative space with our b Silent scented bamboo incense sticks. Infused with organic roman camomile, lavender flower and vetiver root pure essential oils to unwind the body and mind. Use with a Bamford incense holder.

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  • Made in England
  • 10 sticks per pack
B Silent Incense Sticks Web Optimised
B Silent Incense Sticks Web Optimised


The simple act of lighting a candle or an incense stick can instantly fix oneself in the present moment. Our collection of candles and home fragrances offer myriad stimulating combinations of scents to suit the intended receiver.

Our tip: light the candle or incense with a match. Much like rituals, a match is not lit by accident; it is the result of an intended action, and this simple move will immediately elevate the experience of lighting your space.