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Exfoliating Mask
$ 98

Gentle exfoliation with powerful natural fruit enzymes. A blend of apple, lemon and red grape extracts help to gently resurface the skin and promote cell regeneration. White english clay, enriched with minerals, helps to balance while aloe vera soothes and calms, helping to protect new skin surface.

99% Natural Ingredients

Size - 45ml

Bamford | Exfoliating Mask

“At Daylesford we have created a heritage orchard to awaken our love of traditional English apples and act as a haven for wildlife. We found that the simple apple also has wonderful benefits for the skin.”


Containing tartaric acid that gently exfoliates without damaging delicate skin. Accelerates natural cell renewal.


Refreshes and can relieve insomnia, promoting deep sleep.


A calming and relaxing aroma, used as an anti-inflammatory and a tonic. Benefits oily skin and stimulates new cell growth.