Asana Felt Gift Set
$ 129

To aid your meditation, our Asana gift set includes a mala necklace and Shavasana essential oil blend to help being inner peace. Wrapped in a felt gift set to keep the items protected.

Felt Gift Set Asana Web Optimised Grey
Felt Gift Set Asana Web Optimised Grey

I hope that by shopping with us you can also be conscious of your purchases – knowing that our produce and its packaging are having a lighter impact on the planet.

Consider taking a different approach

Now is a great time to experiment with varying the movement and meditative styles that you practise. This can be as simple as observing how your body responds to a Vinyasa practice in the morning to set you up for the day, compared to a restorative class such as yin yoga or a sleep meditation in the evening. Not only will this variety keep your practice interesting, but it will create a harmonious balance between more challenging physical activity and productive rest – both of which are necessary to keep the mind, body and spirit in a balanced state.

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