Hyaluronic Glow Mist
$ 52.50

A lightweight hydrating mist made from a blend of orange and hemp hydrolats that soak easily into the skin leaving it feeling fresh and instantly hydrated. Bursting full of concentrated vitamins, antioxidants and actives that brighten the skin complexion leaving a dreamy dewy finish whilst providing protection against environmental pollution and blue light.

  • Size - 50ml
  • Contains 25% Organic ingredients, 98% Natural
  • Made in England
  • Fragrance & wheat free


Close eyes and mouth before spraying a gentle layer onto the skin. Alternatively spray into palms and pat onto the face. Can be used immediately after cleansing or as your final step to lock everything in, as well as throughout the day as needed.

Hyaluronic Glow Mist Serum Web Optimised Grey
Hyaluronic Glow Mist Serum Web Optimised Grey

Four steps to healthier skin

Designed to provide a holistic ritual that can be followed at home with ease, our four-step framework will guide you towards more resilient skin that is suitably protected from environmental stressors, feeling less sensitive and looking more lifeful.

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Hydrate. Protect. Restore.

This product is part of our Nourish range, designed to protect and fortify the skin's natural barriers against environmental stressors.