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Padma Coram - Healing and Transformation Specialist


Padma Coram has travelled the world and has worked and learnt from the best in their respective fields - including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and Deepak Chopra to name a few.

“Padma is the best combination of the East and West” - Deepak Chopra

Each session with Padma is bespoke to the individual’s specific needs and lifestyle. In the initial Discovery session, Padma carries out an in-depth analysis, both practical and vibrational to unlock and unblock from what is keeping us trapped, such as any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages.

Padma uses a unique combination of Eastern & Western modalities like Karmic & Vedic Healing therapies, Prophetic Readings, Yoga Nidra, Chakra Balancing, Soul Cards etc. to help heal from physical issues or emotional pain and stress. She gets to the root cause of the problem. The transformational healing creates balance for a healthy, happy & joyful life.

-Karmic healing - This Healing shifts energies from immediate or ancestral past like stuck experiences and harmful patterns to a positive and balanced space.

-Hopponopono- This ancient Hawaiian practice helps remove levels of negative experiences, emotions and toxic energies, to be replaced by joy, love and freedom from the past.

-Pranayama - This process of breath work helps relax the body & mind, and be physically energised.

-Vedic Meditation - Deep rooted in ancient Indian principles to rebalance, calm and sooth the mind from daily racing thoughts and replace with calmness, confidence, and peace.

Padma is available to book for the below 1-1 Virtual Consultations:

Initial Basic Discovery session- 30 mins Post Discovery session: Single style healing session- 60 mins

Please call or email the spa to book an appointment with Padma. 020 7259 4980


Healing through transformation, coping with change and emerging from lockdown

We asked Healing and Transformation Specialist, Padma Coram, to share her insights on what she has learnt about coping with lockdown in the face of a global pandemic, and how we can use this experience and what we have gained from it to actively transform ourselves as we emerge from it.


Padma Coram - Healing and Transformation Specialist