Scrub your way to glowing skin

The time of year is approaching when we start to feel conscious of having to expose a little more skin.

That transition from winter, when our body is covered by layers of clothing, to revealing what can seem like dull, pasty skin can feel intimidating. But glowing summer skin and helping it to stay radiant throughout the season is possible if you exfoliate.

Your skin will understandably be feeling a bit tired and lacking in lustre because it’s still covered in its winter cells. Removing those cells through exfoliation, not only reveals the fresh, brighter new layers beneath, it can also benefit your health in other ways. Scrubbing away dead skin cells releases blockages in your pores, boosts your circulation, improves blood flow and aids lymphatic drainage, which is important in keeping our immune system functioning and nourishing our cells.


Exfoliating the skin also means creams and serums are able to penetrate deeper and have a more visible, potent impact, leaving you with brighter, healthier-looking skin. Our botanic sugar polish is an invigorating, natural way to scrub away your skin’s winter layers. The pure ingredients – sea salt and brown sugar mixed with invigorating essential oils, sesame and olive oil – are kind to your body while enabling you to exfoliate deeply, leaving your skin nourished and radiant.

And if you’re looking for deeper, full-body skin treatment, at our Bamford Wellness Spas in London and the Cotswolds we offer a full body exfoliation in which our therapists lightly massage the whole body with our sugar polish, to stimulate circulation and target cellulite, then apply our rich geranium body cream to leave the skin soft, smooth and deeply hydrated.

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