Our tableware range is Handcrafted using sustainable methods, designed to enhance the home with its pared-back, gentle aesthetic.

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  1. Caro Pourer Vase Small
    Caro Pourer Vase Small
  2. Caro Large Footed Bowl
    Caro Large Footed Bowl
    Out of stock
  3. Caro Medium Pourer Vase
    Caro Medium Pourer Vase
  4. Caro Medium Footed Bowl
    Caro Medium Footed Bowl
  5. Caro Pourer Vase
    Caro Pourer Vase
  6. Caro Footed Bowl
    Caro Footed Bowl
  7. Casper Teaware Collection
    Casper Teaware Collection
    As low as €34.51
  8. Kiln Teaware Collection
    Kiln Teaware Collection
    As low as €29.75
  9. Eclipse Marble Plate
    Eclipse Marble Plate
  10. Phula Marble Bowl Large
    Phula Marble Bowl Large
  11. Phula Marble Bowl Small
    Phula Marble Bowl Small
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