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Our bodies are designed to move. Movement is fundamental to our health and both our physical and our mental well-being depend on it. 

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  1. B Yoga Cotton Bag
    B Yoga Cotton Bag
    As low as €94.01
  2. Cork Yoga Mat
    Cork Yoga Mat
  3. Rose Quartz Water Bottle
    Rose Quartz Water Bottle
  4. B Balanced Yoga Strap
    B Balanced Yoga Strap
  5. B Balanced Cork Block
    B Balanced Cork Block
  6. B-Calm Meditation Cushion
    B-Calm Meditation Cushion
  7. B Balanced Cork Ball
    B Balanced Cork Ball
  8. Amethyst Water Bottle
    Amethyst Water Bottle
  9. Clear Quartz Water Bottle
    Clear Quartz Water Bottle
  10. B Balanced Cork Peanut
    B Balanced Cork Peanut
  11. White Turquoise Water Bottle
    White Turquoise Water Bottle
  12. Shavasana Essential Oil Blend - Relaxation
    Shavasana Essential Oil Blend - Relaxation
  13. LARQ Movement Bottle
    LARQ Movement Bottle
  14. B Balanced Cork Brick
    B Balanced Cork Brick
  15. Obsidian Water Bottle
    Obsidian Water Bottle
    Out of stock
  16. Green Fluorite Water Bottle
    Green Fluorite Water Bottle
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