As our lives become busier, more demanding, and less balanced, our energy stores can become depleted, leaving us exhausted and craving coffee or sugar. However, there are some simple practices that can help restore energy levels – without caffeine.

According to Bamford’s in-house yogi, Ravi Dixit, the root of all energy is pranayama. Pranayama relates to the power of the breath, our life force, which allows each cell and organ in the body to function properly. ‘The breath is a tool to move,’ explains Ravi, who incorporates pranayama into his yoga classes. ‘If you are angry or anxious, you breathe differently – and that change in breath has a huge impact on our energy’.

There are many different pranayama techniques, but what’s important is to find the form that works for you. To begin, Ravi suggests kapala bhati a basic technique that changes the rhythm of our breath, promoting circulation and restoring natural energy. To try it, push the breath from the belly: the lungs will inhale spontaneously but gently. Ravi suggests doing this for 2–5 minutes each morning.

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