From idyllic, lazy days at home to nostalgic weekend getaways and beachy bliss - discover the scents that take you there. 

The scent within your home becomes even more essential during the summer months. While heat and humidity can facilitate the travel of fragrance molecules through the air, the warm weather tends to dull our sense of smell, making it challenging to fully appreciate subtle fragrances. Those more delicate, or soft woody scents that were perfect for spring may need a bit of a boost to cut through summer air; try fresher, floral notes with a hint of herb and citrus. As the temperature rises, enhance the scent in your home by matching your candles with a diffuser; place both in your space to amplify the fragrance. 

Embrace the season with fragrances that transport you to a sun-drenched garden, surrounded by your favourite blooms. Allow sweet and fresh aromas to evoke the carefree essence of summer, whether you’re entertaining guests, unwinding after a long day or simply enjoying the newly welcomed warmth. 


Geranium provides the perfect summer scent with a naturally refreshing and uplifting aroma. Transport to a sunlit garden brimming with vibrant geraniums with our Geranium Candle and Diffuser. Characterised by notes of refreshing peppermint, energising eucalyptus and calming lavender, these beautifully complement the mossy, earthy, sweet aroma of the geranium leaves; it is the scent of the English countryside. 


A bright, citrusy aroma is incredibly uplifting and refreshing during the summer months. Orange essential oil holds naturally energising properties, which can help combat lethargy and promote a sense of vitality; particularly helpful in the lazier months of high summer. Our Candied Orange Willow Candle and Diffuser contains a balanced blend of cardamom, frankincense and orange, with notes of jasmine and patchouli for a zesty and fresh scent. 


The scent of roses is evocative of lush gardens in full bloom; timeless and universally loved. The sweet, floral aroma is known for its mood-boosting properties, capturing the very essence of summertime bliss. Rose pairs beautifully with other summer scents like citrus, adding depth and complexity when burnt in situ. Our English Rose Candle and Diffuser blends an old rose scent with notes of geranium, citrus, honey and wood. 


Reminiscent of blooming fields, Lavender is known for its stress reducing properties; its soothing aroma creates a relaxing atmosphere, beneficial during the summer months when seeking relief from the heat. Place our Flora English Lavender Diffuser in your space to create a tranquil escape from the hectic summer months. Lavender also acts as a natural insect repellent; on balmy alfresco evenings, light our Flora English Lavender Candle to keep pesky bugs at bay.   

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