Rest and recuperation from within defines our B Silent range; level up your self-care rituals to encourage relaxation of the body and mind. 

In amongst day-to-day stresses, it is important to take time to relax and allow the body to heal. Effectively managing stress levels with relaxation techniques and prioritising time for self-care will help to promote enhanced mental and physical health. From digestive issues, weakened immune functions and anxiety; high stress levels and lack of sleep can lead to an abundance of negative health implications.  

‘Restful sleep is one of the most fundamental pillars in wellness. Sleep is restorative – it is our body's time to repair itself after the day. Going to bed at the same time every night helps respect our circadian rhythms, as does having a relaxing routine before bed so that your body and mind are rested and in a peaceful state.’    


Sleep affects every tissue and system in the body, from metabolism to mood. Since humans spend one third of their time asleep, it is imperative that these precious hours are uninterrupted and peaceful, for the betterment of overall health. Each product in our B Silent range is scented with a complex and balanced aroma of frankincense, gentle lavender and marjoram to aid reduction of tension and a promote peaceful sleep.  


Recognised for it's restorative powers, our B Silent candle has been nominated in two categories in the Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards 2024; Best Wellness Game Changer and Best At-Home Candle or Fragrance.

Your space is a sanctuary 

Creating a calming environment within your home can significantly enhance your quality of sleep. Powered by the 100% natural essential oil blend that creates its distinctive fragrance, our B Silent Candle’s therapeutic effects help to prepare the body and mind to unwind. Once the pure cotton wick is lit, the soft lighting and scent creates a sacred moment of relaxation, allowing disconnect after a long day. For deeper relaxation, our B Silent Pillow Mist can be spritzed onto the body, pillow and linen; let the calming notes of lavender and marjoram signal to your brain that it is time to drift off. 

Relax the body  

Allow stress to melt away with a long, hot bath. Warm water infused with salts helps to relax tense muscles and promote circulation, relieving tension and promoting a sense of calm. Our B Silent Bath Salts are formulated to encourage deep relaxation of the mind and body. Skin-softening Epsom salts combine with cleansing sea salts to leave the skin feeling nourished and soft. Natural valerian root and melissa leaf extracts help to reduce stress, for a tranquil soak. After bathing, apply the B Silent Body Cream, made from a blend of cocoa butter and rosehip oil that instantly melts into the skin. For a spa-like experience at home, layer with the B Silent Body Oil with smooth, flowing strokes towards the heart.  

Calm the mind 

Applying temple balm before bed offers a soothing ritual to quiet the mind. The gentle massage of our B Silent Temple Balm on pulse points promotes relaxation, easing away racing thoughts, worries and stresses. This gentle movement combined with essential oils helps release a build-up of tension; blends of roman camomile and lavender are often used in aromatherapy to help reduce anxiety. Sleep peacefully and wake restored. 

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