Bee Nurtured

Designed by our founder Carole Bamford, our bee jewellery collection is inspired by the life’s essential pollinators and our goal to protect their natural environment.

'For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by bees. Bees are vital for our survival. They are nature's essential pollinators and without them there would be no flowering plants or much of the food we produce.

I have become passionate about doing everything I can to help protect and support their survival. When we turned Daylesford over to organic farming, one of the most striking changes we noticed was the return of the bees – suddenly we could hear and see them hovering over the fields again.

We have 40 beehives across the farm and today they are tended by a team of Daylesford staff who volunteered to look after them simply because they took an interest in their welfare. They are also an endless source of fascination and the hives draw many curious onlookers. I take my grandchildren to the hives and they adore them.

Watching bees work is something I find captivating and it’s been wonderful to collaborate with my friend Maria Grazia Baldin in creating this collection honouring their existence.’

18 karat gold pieces adorned with semi-precious stones. The bees are enamelled in solid gold under the guidance of Italian experts with makers in Jaipur. The chains are made in Italy, ensuring the very best quality of craftsmanship.

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