The place we live is a touchstone, a refuge or a space of calm; fill your home with beautiful objects, crafted with skill and care.

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  1. Cork Yoga Mat
    Cork Yoga Mat
  2. Rose Quartz Water Bottle
    Rose Quartz Water Bottle
  3. White Turquoise Water Bottle
    White Turquoise Water Bottle
  4. B Balanced Cork Block
    B Balanced Cork Block
  5. B Balanced Cork Brick
    B Balanced Cork Brick
  6. B Balanced Cork Peanut
    B Balanced Cork Peanut
  7. Casper Teaware Collection
    Casper Teaware Collection
    As low as $27.50
  8. Still Life Marble Fruit
    Still Life Marble Fruit
    As low as $81.25
  9. Bamford Vases
    Bamford Vases
    $50.00 As low as $50.00
  10. B Balanced Cork Ball
    B Balanced Cork Ball
  11. Celeste Glass Bowls Pebbles
    Celeste Glass Bowls Pebbles
    As low as $93.75
  12. Eva Love Canister Amethyst
    Eva Love Canister Amethyst
    As low as $93.75
  13. Cross Votives
    Cross Votives
    As low as $25.00
  14. Happiness Ceramics
    Happiness Ceramics
    As low as $50.00
  15. Isla Crystal Quartz Balls
    Isla Crystal Quartz Balls
    As low as $112.50
  16. Bamford Crystal Heart
    Bamford Crystal Heart
    As low as $150.00
  17. Bamford Vases
    Bamford Vases
    As low as $37.50
  18. B Yoga Cotton Bag
    B Yoga Cotton Bag
    As low as $98.75
  19. Natural Selection Porcelain Ceramics
    Natural Selection Porcelain Ceramics
    As low as $43.75
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