In conversation with: Chinar Farooqui

We spoke to the founder of Injiri, Chinar Farooqui, to explore the inspiration behind our SS24 collection and the intricacy of Indian craft techniques.

What is the main source of inspiration for this collection?

The delicate beauty of Wisteria flowers; the cascading clusters of blossoms, with their soft pastel hues and graceful tendrils. These flowers typically range in shades of lavender, lilac, and pink, with hints of blue and white. We wanted to create a sense of romance and tranquillity that flowed throughout the collection, from garment shape to colour palette.

What is the overall mood of this collection?

The overall feeling of this collection is one of femininity and grace. Picture soft, flowing fabrics in shades of lavender, pink and lilac, with ruffle detailing, floral prints and delicate Jamdani motifs. The lightweight materials and organic shapes allow for movement and breathability, particularly in the height of summer.  

What are the traditional craft elements that bring this collection to life?

The Jamdani fabrics used in this collection are woven on handlooms, where skilled artisans carefully interweave cotton threads to create stunning floral patterns and intricate motifs. Block printing is a centuries-old technique where patterns are hand-stamped onto fabric using intricately carved wooden blocks, adding traditional rustic charm. The Rosie Patch Dress and Enchant Kaftan for example boasts contemporary, geometric pastel patterns.  
Incorporating traditional crafts into the collection not only preserves these techniques for future generations, it infuses the collection with a unique and timeless elegance.

Why is craft so important to Injiri 

Craft is central to Injiri's ethos and identity. Our mission is to honour and preserve traditional textile techniques, sparked by a desire to work closely with communities in India who produce exquisite fabrics. Through this approach, Injiri becomes more than just a brand; it becomes a custodian of tradition and authenticity in an industry often plagued by imitation. We allow for continuous exploration and refinement, pushing the boundaries of what is possible within traditional practices. 

Injiri remains steadfast in its commitment to honouring tradition while embracing innovation, ensuring that each piece tells a story of heritage, craftsmanship, and enduring beauty. 

 What’s your favourite piece from the range, and why?

My favourite piece from the range would have to be the Enchant Cotton Kaftan. Its contemporary design makes it a standout piece. The intricate floral motifs, particularly the large one, showcase the exceptional skill of the weavers. Crafting such detailed motifs on the loom requires significant effort and dedication; a real testament to their craftsmanship.


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