Designer Sophie Stanbury shares the design process of our new wardrobe staple: the Double-Faced Cashmere Cape. 

When creating our new Double-Faced Cashmere Cape, which launched in autumn alongside our AW23 collection, designer Sophie Stanbury had one goal in mind: to create a wardrobe staple that would stand the test of time. 

Made by artisans in Italy from biodegradable Italian cashmere, the cape embodies our founding brand belief of creating collections in harmony with nature. 

During our last meeting before the launch, we sat down with Sophie to discuss why quality, durability, and versatility were at the forefront of her mind when creating this artisanal investment piece. 

Why did you choose to collaborate on this piece specifically? 

SS: Cape-style pieces are classic. They can be worn from day to night, they never go out of fashion, and you can throw one on for almost any occasion. Whether you’re head-to-toe in workout wear, dressed smartly for an interview, or going out in a little black dress, a cape makes a great addition regardless. 

When you can wear a garment so often and for so many occasions, it becomes a real investment piece as cost-per-wear is so low.

What was most important to you when creating the cape? 

SS: My main aim was to create a wardrobe staple that can be worn time and time again, year after year. 

We opted for a classic silhouette that suits most body shapes. It has a close fit at the shoulders and a generous body which allows the fabric to hang really nicely and rest flat against the body.

We’ve inserted discreet internal poppers and neat piping detailing, which I think adds the finishing touch. 

We chose to make the cape from double-faced cashmere for a number of reasons – one being its warm-yet-lightweight nature which makes it ideal for layering and extends its wearability from autumn through until spring. Another is its ability to hold shape. There’s no support on this garment other than the fabric itself, that’s why using the right fabric is paramount because it does all the work. 

Can you tell us more about the material?

SS: Double-faced cashmere is a very special and luxurious fabric. We worked with one of the few remaining manufacturers in Europe that still weave double-faced cashmere. It’s a small, family-run business that has worked on haute couture for decades. Working with such a lightweight fabric requires a certain skill as a craftsperson, so producers like this one are rare to find. 

The fabric was sourced in Florence and transported to Milan for creation. Italy is home to the most exquisite factories and mills, hence our choice to produce there. Each garment can take up to eight hours to make and can be worked on by up to seven artisans in total. 

When it’s produced like this, the quality is unparalleled. It’s also reflected in the look, feel and fit of the cape. This level of quality also ensures the cape will last for years to come. When we were designing a cape that would outlast trends, we needed a material that could match the longevity of the design.  

The cashmere is also biodegradable, so when each cape eventually reaches the end of its lifecycle, it can return to the ground without negatively impacting its surroundings. 

Finally, how do you envision the cape being styled? 

SS: It’s so versatile, you can style it with just about anything. During autumn, I’ll be wearing mine with jeans and a pair of boots – I’ll probably switch between ankle and over-the-knee. On the top half, I’ll opt for a classic white shirt, polo-neck top or cosy knit jumper. 

I can’t wait to see how everyone else styles theirs. That’s the beauty of Instagram, I’ll be able to see the lovely seasonal outfits people are putting together – and maybe take some style inspiration from them!


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