Shaped by Water

Spring–Summer 23


Flowing silhouettes, a palette of blue hues and curation of natural fibres make up our new Spring–Summer collection which draws inspiration from the earth’s water and pays tribute to the rich biodiversity, life source and support to humanity that it provides.

In creating this collection, we have scrutinised our impact on this precious, natural resource in an effort to protect it in every way that we can.

‘In bringing this collection to life, we’ve built on Bamford’s commitment to producing our clothing with minimal impact on our environment but have also chosen to highlight one of the most threatening global environmental crises – the lack of clean, healthy water – and the importance of working as an industry to protect this valuable and fundamental resource. 


The fashion and textile industry is a vast contributor to water pollution across its supply chain, so as designers we urgently need to act and do everything we can to monitor and reduce our water consumption and prevent further contamination. This collection showcases the work we’ve been doing with Bamford’s suppliers to address our water usage in a very localised, impactful way, but it also draws inspiration from water itself – a palette of blue and soft green tones recalls the changeable colours of the wild English seas.’ 

Wellness collection

The first drop of the collection was designed with wellness in mind. This curation of loungewear, knitwear and jersey pieces heroes two soft-to-the-touch fabrics – cotton and cashmere – both of which are gentle on the skin and the planet.

62% of the yarn used to create our knitted pieces is washed and dyed with water from Loch Leven, an internationally important RSPB nature reserve. The water is borrowed, cleaned and returned to the loch to protect the fish and wintering birds that reside there.

These natural, responsibly sourced fibres combine with loose, flowing silhouettes to form each piece’s flattering fit.

Shaped by Water

Our second drop is made up of structured organic cotton pieces – certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard – with cascading ruffles and hand-stitched frills which reflect the mesmerising ripples of water. This certification confirms that our cotton has been sourced and produced responsibly with suppliers that share our commitment to sustainability, so you can rest assured that you are buying a considered product created in harmony with nature.   

We choose organically grown cotton time and time again due to the benefits it brings to the soil and the precious pollinators that surround it. Growing cotton organically prevents water from becoming polluted and consequently avoids contaminating local waterways with run-off from the farming process. We are proud that 49% of this collection is made with organic materials.

Postcards from India

The third and final drop encapsulates our commitment to championing the work of artisans in India and supporting their local communities, and each garment is a celebration of the craftspeople by whom it was made.

The collection is abundant in heritage handcrafts including hand-dying, painting, fringing, looming, weaving, smocking and block-printing. Hand-dying is carried out in India when the weather is warm, outside of the monsoon season, to allow fabrics to air dry naturally. Water used in the dying process is treated, filtered and reused to nourish a family-run, organic farm.

For the first time, fuchsia and clementine enter the collection, contrasting its existing calming blue palette. Both pops of colour are inspired by Jaipur pink – a colour sitting somewhere between the two, which drenches the buildings of the vibrant city centre in which much of the considered collection is created.

Caring for your clothing   


Our collections are designed to be timeless and transcend seasonal trends. And, with the right care, they can last you a lifetime thanks to their natural composition. With this in mind, we chose to create this year’s Spring–Summer collection with 95% natural fibres to minimise the release of microplastics during washing and laundering.

In addition, 38% of knitwear in this collection – made in the Umbria region of Italy – is cleaned using traditional washing methods combining water collected from a local rain saver, lemon juice, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to limit chemical use.

We ask that you continue our sustainable efforts and those of the artisans we collaborate with by consciously caring for your garments at home. Choose to spot-clean and airdry each piece wherever possible – which uses considerably less water than regular machine washing – to reduce your impact on the environment and extend the lifespan of each garment.


  1. Simple Linen Dress
    Simple Linen Dress
    As low as $562.50
  2. Rhea Horizontal Sweater
    Rhea Horizontal Sweater
    As low as $593.75
  3. Handkerchief Cotton Dress
    Handkerchief Cotton Dress
    As low as $906.25
  4. Nellie Cashmere Cardigan
    Nellie Cashmere Cardigan
    As low as $743.75
  5. Gauzy Cotton Sweater
    Gauzy Cotton Sweater
    As low as $493.75



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Wellness in rythm with the ocean

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