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As well as being a contributing editor at Vogue, Susan Bender Whitfield is a brilliant creative director and stylist. For Bamford, Susan has curated an edit of some of her favourite products, including our best-loved Geranium range and pieces from our Spring-Summer 2024 collection.

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  1. Linen Waistcoat
    Linen Waistcoat
    As low as $493.75
  2. Soft Linen Trouser
    Soft Linen Trouser
    As low as $493.75
  3. Simple Merino Wool Vest
    Simple Merino Wool Vest
    As low as $556.25
  4. Matlock Pants
    Matlock Pants
    As low as $468.75
  5. Geranium Candle 1.7kg
    Geranium Candle 1.7kg
  6. Firming Cream
    Firming Cream
  7. Woodland Moss Body Wash 250ml
    Woodland Moss Body Wash 250ml
  8. Geranium Body Oil
    Geranium Body Oil
  9. Handkerchief Cotton Dress
    Handkerchief Cotton Dress
    As low as $906.25
  10. Sleeveless Linen Dress
    Sleeveless Linen Dress
    As low as $681.25
  11. Wisteria Flora Reed Diffuser
    Wisteria Flora Reed Diffuser
  12. Geranium Bath Salts
    Geranium Bath Salts
  13. Short Sleeve Cashmere Sweater
    Short Sleeve Cashmere Sweater
    As low as $606.25
  14. Cashmere Crew Neck Cardigan
    Cashmere Crew Neck Cardigan
    As low as $843.75
  15. Geranium Shower Cream
    Geranium Shower Cream
  16. Geranium Hand Balm
    Geranium Hand Balm
  17. Geranium Candle
    Geranium Candle
  18. Isla Clear Quartz Eye Mask
    Isla Clear Quartz Eye Mask
  19. Isla Rose Quartz Eye Mask
    Isla Rose Quartz Eye Mask
  20. Isla Aventurine Eye Mask
    Isla Aventurine Eye Mask
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