Geranium is the scent on which Bamford was built; it embodies the philosophy and essence of the brand. 

Carole Bamford has harbored a lifelong fascination with geraniums, drawn to their captivating scent since childhood. Fond memories of bath time linger, where she would eagerly reach for the green bottle of Floris's Rose Geranium, infusing the house with an uplifting, mossy aroma with just a few drops. This fragrance holds a special place in her heart, evoking nostalgia and a sense of grounding, providing a reassuring comfort that endures over time. 

Our best-loved Geranium collection features a natural essential oil blend of geranium, energising eucalyptus, refreshing peppermint and lavender, designed to uplift the mood. Not only reflecting Carole’s lifelong love for Geraniums, it is a balancing leaf – a known antidepressant that can also help reduce excess fluid in the body and puffiness in the limbs. It is a very calming, grounding botanical, both mentally and physically, and promotes harmony in the body.   

“I grow over 100 geranium varieties in my greenhouse, so it felt natural that they would inspire our first line of Bamford products. To me, their scent is heaven - so uplifting and joyful, evoking memories of home and of family.” 


Carole Bamford

Follow the steps below to incorporate our signature scent into your daily routine.  

1. Add a handful of Geranium Bath Salts to a warm bath a few minutes before entering. Allow skin-softening Epsom and deep-cleansing sea salt to soothe and revive the body.

2. Refresh, condition and protect your hair and scalp with Geranium Shampoo and Geranium Conditioner.

3. While bathing or showering, gently massage Geranium Hand and Body Wash to envelop ns uplift your mood. For deeper nourishment, massage Geranium Shower Cream into the skin to lather and cleanse. Rinse well.

4. Post bath or shower, apply Geranium Hand and Body Lotion onto dry skin. The lightweight moisture-rich blend of botanical oils contains protective aloe vera to hydrate, soften and enrich the skin.

5. For beautifully moisturised skin on the go, our Geranium Hand Balm is fortified with a combination of honey and golden jojoba to protect hands, nails and cuticles; a handbag essential.

5. Set the scene with our Geranium Candle or Diffuser and allow the soothing scent of an English garden to drift through your space.  

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