Valentine's Day Gifts

No matter the size of the token you give this Valentine's Day, let it be a timeless one. Discover conscious gifting ideas in our curated edit.

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  1. Geranium Duo Gift Set
    Geranium Duo Gift Set
  2. Wild Meadow Eau De Parfum - 50ml
    Wild Meadow Eau De Parfum - 50ml
  3. Geranium Love Candle 2.5kg
    Geranium Love Candle 2.5kg
  4. Wellness Tote Bag
    Wellness Tote Bag
    As low as £49.00
  5. Rose Quartz Water Bottle
    Rose Quartz Water Bottle
  6. Eva Love Canister
    Eva Love Canister
    As low as £83.00
  7. Geranium Haircare Duo
    Geranium Haircare Duo
  8. Rosemary Willow Diffuser
    Rosemary Willow Diffuser
  9. Isla Gua Sha Heart
    Isla Gua Sha Heart
  10. Rose Duo Gift Set
    Rose Duo Gift Set
  11. Geranium Love Candle 300g
    Geranium Love Candle 300g
  12. Citrus Duo Gift Set
    Citrus Duo Gift Set
  13. Heart Soap Dish
    Heart Soap Dish
  14. Rose Pebble Soap
    Rose Pebble Soap
  15. Eva Love Canister Green
    Eva Love Canister Green
    As low as £83.00
  16. Jasmine Duo Gift Set
    Jasmine Duo Gift Set
  17. Isla Gua Sha Cloud
    Isla Gua Sha Cloud
  18. Eva Love Canister Amethyst
    Eva Love Canister Amethyst
    As low as £75.00
  19. B-Cleansed Facial Brush
    B-Cleansed Facial Brush
  20. Sage Duo Gift Set
    Sage Duo Gift Set
  21. Geranium Love Candle 140g
    Geranium Love Candle 140g
  22. Sophie Lis Fallen Heart Hoops
    Sophie Lis Fallen Heart Hoops
  23. Eva Marble Heart
    Eva Marble Heart
  24. Sophie Lis Love Heart Diamond Earrings
    Sophie Lis Love Heart Diamond Earrings
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