A celebration of Indian Craft.

India is full of rich handicraft traditions which are very much alive today, although they are often undervalued and overlooked in favour of cheaper or faster production processes. Our collaborations with both Nila and Injiri champion responsible, earth-nourishing production processes; cultural heritage is woven into every piece of cloth, with skill and patience found in every stitch.

Handloom Weaving

The ancient art of handloom weaving involves skilled artisans weaving fabrics manually on traditional wooden looms. Each region in India has its own distinct weaving style and motifs, ranging from ikat patterns of Odisha and Telangana to the intricate Jamdani weaves of West Bengal. Driven by a desire to preserve and safeguard traditional craft, the pieces from Nila and Injiri are all hand crafted by local Indian artisans. This localised production chain remains people-centric; processes are carried out in rural homes rather than in centralised factories, meaning waste and pollution are heavily minimised. 

Natural Dyes

The use of natural dyes from plants, minerals, and other natural sources has been practiced for centuries in India, contributing to the vibrant and diverse textile heritage of the country. These natural dyes, beyond their captivating colours, hold a deeper significance. They embody sustainability, cherished for their eco-friendly properties that tread lightly on the earth. In the hands of skilled artisans, these gifts from nature transform plain fabrics, connecting the wearer to the land from which they spring. 

Hand Block Printing

Each carving tells a story of rich heritage and artistry. With careful selection of natural fabrics - cotton, silk, or linen - these fabrics serve as a blank canvas and the starting point for creativity. Wooden blocks are carefully carved with motifs inspired by nature, geometric shapes, or cultural symbols, then soaked in oil to enhance longevity. The blocks are dipped into natural dyes, then pressed with practiced precision in rhythmic motions across the length of the fabric. Woodblock detailing adorns select pieces in both Nila and Injiri’s collection, painting pieces in vibrant red, purple and blue hues.  

In a world increasingly shaped by mass production, preserving time-honoured crafts is crucial. These traditional techniques not only carry forward centuries of artistry, but also support local communities and more sustainable practices. By investing in handmade pieces, not only do you acquire unique and beautiful products but also contribute to the livelihoods of skilled artisans. Each purchase becomes a gesture of appreciation and step towards.  


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