Notes of Nostalgia 


Fragrance has an extraordinary ability to transport us to previous moments in our lives, and there’s a particularly special sense of familiarity it evokes at Christmastime. From the smoky aroma of roaring fires to the woody perfume of freshly dropped pine needles, the scents that we’ve known since childhood instantly remind us of the joy the festive season brings. 


Inspired by this sense of seasonal nostalgia, we have curated a new warming winter home fragrance designed to bring your most precious memories to mind. 

A candle and diffuser are each infused with the woody, rich and spicy blend of cinnamon and clove and printed with an intricate illustration of a partridge and a pear tree. These imaginative renderings from British artist Nicholas Hughes are a magical interpretation of the traditional carol ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, with a nod to our founder Carole Bamford’s love of nature, craft and fun. 

Born out of the artist’s and our founder’s desire to create something that lasts far beyond the festive season, these detailed designs are replicated on the packaging of our complete Christmas collection – dressing dainty matchboxes and our signature products – to make gifts all the more special. 

As with every collection we create here at Bamford, great care has been taken to ensure each product is created as consciously as possible. The 12 Days of Christmas Candle is made using a 100% natural combination of rapeseed and beeswax, and both the candle and the diffuser are made from recyclable glass which can be upcycled and repurposed year after year. 

To fill your home with fragrance, opt for multiple scenting techniques and a blend of complementary scents. A diffuser placed by the front door greets guests with a warm, aromatic welcome, while candles are best placed in the kitchen to accompany your after-dinner chatter. If you are being hosted away from home, gifting our Home Fragrance Hamper will enable your host to do the same. 

We hope that your celebrations this year add to your bank of already-treasured memories, which you revisit time and time again through scent. 


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