The fourth full moon of 2024 rises on Tuesday 23rd April. The pink moon symbolises nature, seasonal renewal and spiritual growth.  

The Pink Moon occurs every April, a time when nature undergoes significant renewal and growth. Despite its name, the Pink Moon does not blush with rosy hues; rather, it draws its name from the blooming flora and fauna that sprawls across landscapes as nature awakens for Spring.  

Renewal and Growth 

Symbolically, the Pink Moon represents a period of rejuvenation, where old energies can be left and new possibilities embraced. Just as nature comes to life during this season, we are invited to shed old habits, nurture personal growth and welcome change with open arms. In many cultures and ancient mythologies, spring has long been connected with enhanced fertility due to the natural cycle of birth and regeneration observed in plants, animals and humans. 

Embracing the Pink Moon  

Harness the moon's energy for intention setting, manifestation and spiritual alignment; using crystals can help deepen your connection to nature's cycles and support on a path to personal growth. 

Cystal selection  

Certain crystals are believed to resonate strongly with the energies of renewal and growth, making them ideal companions during the Pink Moon. Clear Quartz, a versatile crystal, amplifies intentions and facilitates clarity of mind. Tiger's Eye supports emotional healing by promoting inner strength and resilience whilst Amethyst provides calming and soothing energy, aiding in reducing stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil. 

Cleansing and charging 

Before the Pink Moon rises, cleanse your crystals to clear them of any accumulated energies. You can use methods like running them under cool water, smudging with sage or placing them in moonlight overnight; avoid putting certain crystals in water, like selenite. As the Pink Moon reaches its peak, set your cleansed crystals outside or on a windowsill to absorb the moon's gentle energy.  

Meditation and reflection 

Create a sacred space under the glow of the full moon, where you can meditate comfortably with your chosen crystals placed nearby or held in your hands. Allow the moon's energy to wash over you, promoting inner peace and clarity. Use this time to reflect on what you wish to cultivate in your life. 

Set your intentions 

Hold your crystals in your hands, close your eyes, and visualize your desires and goals coming to fruition. Speak your intentions aloud or write them down on a piece of paper. Happy moon-gazing and may this lunar event bring you peace, joy, and abundance. For enhanced well-being rituals all year round, explore our edit of wellness essentials. 

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