‘Roses are one of the first flowers that I grew when I began my own garden and they are still one of my favourites. With their powdery fragrance, soft petal formations and natural healing properties, they feel like one of nature’s most elegant displays of beauty.’ 




Rooted in one of Britain’s most beautiful and classic cutting garden flowers, Rose has been a Bamford heritage scent for over 15 years. This month, find comfort in the soft floral aromas of our new Rose Hand Balm. Nourishing hands, nails and cuticles in dry winter weather and beyond, it creates a soothing ritual to evoke a moment of calm.

Abundant in sensory qualities, English rose is used in aromatherapy for its balancing and regenerating properties. Inspired by the hand-tended flowers growing in the walled garden at Daylesford House, the Rose scent features notes of tranquil chamomile and bright lemon, balanced with orange oil to complement the rose head note. 

Presented in a recyclable pure aluminium tube, the Certified Cosmos Natural formula protects and cares for hard-working skin. The 99% natural ingredients are carefully selected to benefit the mind, body and the earth. Wheat germ oil works to soothe dry or rough areas, while cocoa and shea butter anchor the rich, deeply hydrating formula. Fortified with a moisturising combination of honey and golden jojoba, the silky balm absorbs instantly and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. 

This balm serves as a reminder to cherish those around us and enjoy the reassurance and tenderness of physical touch. To envelop your hands in a tender embrace.

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