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Geranium Shampoo
£ 20

Our Geranium Shampoo contains high performance plant-based cleansers blended with castor seed oil to restore natural vitality to the hair. Vitamin B5 boosts moisture and repairs damaged hair shafts while essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and geranium help cleanse and invigorate the scalp.

  • Size - 250ml
£ 20
Save 28%
£ 14.40
Save 28%
Bamford Geranium Shampoo 250ml-WEB-ONLY
Bamford Geranium Shampoo 250ml-WEB-ONLY

At Bamford, we believe that by tuning into our bodies and minds we reconnect with ourselves and the world around us and we lead a more conscious life.

Geranium ING


Known for uplifting the mind and creating a sense of wellbeing, geranium can also balance skin and soothe inflammation.



Excellent for mental fatigue, relieves skin irritation, beneficial for sunburn due to its cooling properties.

Eucalyptus ING


Mood enhancing, stimulating, rejuvenating and clearing.

Reviews (7)

  • Great

    I love the shampoo and body wash! Wonderful product

    Faygie H.

  • Amazing and refreshing

    The geranium shampoo is refreshing and long lasting; the huge bottles enable me to use the shampoo for a long time without having to go through the difficulty of purchasing more shampoo. The use of natural ingredients makes me feel awake, lively and refreshed. Truly great shampoo.

    Barnaby P.