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Refining Exfoliator
£ 55

A gentle yet powerful blend of apple, lemon and grape enzymes with ultra-fine natural volcanic exfoliants. Antioxidant rich copper, the body’s natural trace element, boosts collagen for perfectly smooth, even and radiant skin.

86% Certified Organic Ingredients

Size - 100ml

Bamford | Refining Exfoliator


Containing tartaric acid that gently exfoliates without damaging delicate skin. Accelerates natural cell renewal.


Uplifts the mind, minimises anxiety and encourages the elimination of toxins.


Neroli oils have powerful antibacterial properties.

Fortify your skin against colder weather

As we transition into colder months and the weather changes, our skin will react and start losing moisture causing increased sensitivity, dryness and irritation. Our Wellness and Treatment Manager, Kristi shares her fail-safe fortifying skincare regime for the cold months to protect skin against the cooler temperatures and drier air.