‘The sun is a constant in our lives. Its vibrant energy sustains, nurtures and invigorates us and our world. Whenever possible, I spend time outdoors to lift the spirit and connect with nature’ 


For thousands of years, humans have worshipped the sun and its holistic healing properties. Ancient Egyptians harnessed its energy, teaching of its radiant health and solar-powered well-being benefits. In short, the sun is an essential nutrient that we need to survive.  
Inspired by its healing powers, our B Vibrant range steps in to uplift your mood and awaken the senses.  
During the darker months when we lack daylight, working from sunrise to sunset, it is important to find ways to maintain vitality, both mentally and physically. Invigorating, fresh ingredients and botanicals enrich our B Vibrant washes, oils and creams, to help you create a daily shower or skincare ritual that sets you up for a brighter day.


Despite the urge to hibernate at home from January to March, try to make a daily habit of spending time outdoors. To disconnect from the digital, reconnect with nature and become more grounded. We thrive in the light and warmth of the sun, even in colder periods.  

At their heart: a 100% natural blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils, that enlighten the distinctive fragrance. This collection energises, boosts circulation and stimulates the body within a wider wellness routine.

Our B Vibrant collection is produced in the UK using Soil Association-certified organic formulas, presented in entirely recyclable packaging – a decision that echoes our ethos of treading lightly upon the earth. 

Engaging in gentle exercise and mindful practices such as yoga or Tai Chi increase the benefits, to work the body while stimulating the mind. Our Bamford Spa in The Cotswolds offers a range of dedicated classes, practiced within our tranquil wellness space.  

Taking this a step further, the dedicated B Vibrant treatment in our Bamford Wellness Spas is devoted to rebalancing energy channels, to rejuvenate the skin and relax the mind. The treatment incorporates sound healing that targets the solar plexus (the nerve centre responsible for positivity), full body exfoliation and Indian head massage. Facial lymphatic drainage and stimulation of marma pressure points with cool stones give energy back to the body, reducing stress and tension. 

Discover our B Vibrant collection online and in store. Explore our Bamford Wellness Spa treatment offering in London and the Cotswolds.

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