The must-haves to take care of yourself and your skin in summer. 

Whether you’re jetting off to an exotic destination or enjoying a hopefully sunny British summer, we’ve got the seasonal skincare guide for you. SPF is an obvious summer essential, but there are a few other skin and body care steps to elevate your routine. If you’ve neglected your skin over winter, these products will revive, soothe and hydrate so you’re ready and prepped for rising temperatures.  

1. B Vibrant Tonifying Body Polish

Your bodycare routine is just as important as your skincare routine. During the summer, our body faces increased heat, humidity, sweat and sun exposure, all of which can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation helps to removes this, ensuring a deeper clean, lower risk of in-grown hairs and results in softened skin.  

Created with upcycled Daylesford Organic coffee grounds, this sugar scrub gently exfoliates and nourishes deeply with coconut oil and shea butter. Massage a small amount of the scrub onto damp skin using firm circular motions, allowing the invigorating aromas to envelop your senses. Rinse with warm water to reveal smooth, rejuvenated skin. 


2. B Vibrant Tonifying Oil

Spicy ginger and clove oils in the Tonifying Body Oil are known to promote blood flow and stimulate circulation, as well as relax tense muscles. The result is contouring of the body, as the formula works to target the appearance of cellulite and leave skin looking smoother, more elastic and toned. This oil is expertly crafted to complement the Tonifying Body Polish when applied in succession; use together daily to promote deeper absorption, ensuring you feel your best in summer clothing and swimwear.  


3. Hyaluronic Glow Serum

Beyond increased temperatures in summer; air conditioning, dehydration and long-haul flights drain the moisture from your skin. To draw that moisture back in, ingredients such as hyaluronic acid work extra hard for your complexion. When applied, it forms a permeable layer on the skin, penetrating the dermis to boost hydration from within while reducing water loss from the surface. Start with our Hyaluronic Glow Serum and layer with a hydrating moisturiser to lock in lasting hydration.  


4. B Balanced Body Gel

Although we welcome sunshine in the UK, when the temperature starts to rise, the heat can be overwhelming, especially at night. Our B Balanced Body Gel is lightweight and cooling, enriched with soothing Bulgarian rose water and fragranced with our signature Rose scent. Designed to lower skin temperature, the formula provides a refreshing sensation, followed by immediate relief. Apply after a busy day or long stint in the sun as part of an evening ritual, helping you to cool down and unwind 


5. Isla Rose Quartz Eye Mask

Our cooling eye mask is made from rose quartz, weighted to aid in the reduction of tension; take 5 minutes, lie down and breathe deeply. Place your mask in the fridge before use to benefit from the cooling effects of the stone. The mask moulds itself around the eyes - or can alternatively be used on the jawline - leaving you feeling relaxed, cool and rejuvenated in the height of summer.  


6. SPF 50 Sunscreen

SPF should be worn daily, whatever the season. Think of it as your reliable companion, protecting your skin on sunny days and even when the sky is overcast. By wearing SPF all year long - you're not just protecting your skin from harmful UV rays - you're nurturing it, ensuring it stays resilient and radiant for years to come. Our SPF 50 blends effortlessly into the skin without leaving a chalky white cast, perfect for daily wear 


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