We are so pleased to share that we are now a Certified B Corporation.


This certification, from non-profit network B Lab, confirms our founder’s sustainable beliefs that Daylesford and Bamford were lovingly built upon and the conscious choices we make each day – from organic farming at Daylesford farm to the considered creation of Bamford's spas, skincare and clothing collections.

Our B Corp Certification unites us with a global community of like-minded brands that share our commitment to meeting high social standards, maintaining a low environmental impact and being a force for good.


Our Score


Our current score is 87.3. A score of 80 points is required to become B Corp Certified. Most businesses score an average of 50.9 points and don’t certify.

Every B Corp™ is scored using the five impact areas in the B Impact Assessment, which are listed below along with some highlights from our assessment which contributed to our certification:

‘In bringing this collection to life, we’ve built on Bamford’s commitment to producing our clothing with minimal impact on our environment but have also chosen to highlight one of the most threatening global environmental crises – the lack of clean, healthy water – and the importance of working as an industry to protect this valuable and fundamental resource. 


The fashion and textile industry is a vast contributor to water pollution across its supply chain, so as designers we urgently need to act and do everything we can to monitor and reduce our water consumption and prevent further contamination. This collection showcases the work we’ve been doing with Bamford’s suppliers to address our water usage in a very localised, impactful way, but it also draws inspiration from water itself – a palette of blue and soft green tones recalls the changeable colours of the wild English seas.’ 

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