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We have teamed up with Cashmere aftercare experts at Cashmere Circle to offer you a luxury, environmentally mindful repair, revive and recycling service, to extend the life of your treasured Bamford knitwear. Their expert team based in the Scottish Borders can invisibly mend and repair your treasured cashmere using time-honoured skills and return to you like new. 

Cashmere Circle is an innovative collective of cashmere designers and luxury knitwear experts, aiming to save and breathe new life into the nation’s cashmere collection. Using artisan techniques based on traditional time-honoured craftsmanship and skills, the team at Cashmere Circle invisibly mend holes, remove stains and ultimately revive the natural yarns to return cashmere to its luxurious best with a variety of services.

The aim is to look after the cashmere garments that already exist. The most sustainable garments are the ones we already own which is why garment care and repair are crucial. Keeping them out of the landfill with careful care and creative recycling. Sustainability is woven into every fibre of our business.


Cashmere Circle’s team of skilled artisans, most of whom have spent most of their lives working in knitting mills, utilise incredible invisible mending techniques to repair small holes and moth damage. If the hole is a little bigger, they can restore it with a recycled Cashmere or suede patch. You can choose a colour match for a discreet repair or make a statement with a contrasting shade of yarn.


We believe caring for your Cashmere shouldn’t be complicated. You can follow this link to select one of Cashmere Circle’s services, and they will send you pre-paid postage bags for your garments.


Getting ready for the colder months of winter, now is the perfect time to have your precious Bamford knitwear refreshed by our partners Cashmere Circle. Pioneering garment washing, de-pilling and full steam removes odours, and impurities and returns the fibre back to like-new condition. A spa service for your favourite cashmere.


1. Choose from the repair or specialist laundry service and the number of items⁠ that need some TLC.

2. Cashmere Circle will send you postage bags for you to place your garments in. ⁠⁠

3. Select a convenient time for DPD collection.⁠ ⁠

4. Upon receiving your cashmere, should any garment be beyond repair, Cashmere Circle will contact you to discuss alternative options.

5. Within 3-5 weeks, your garment(s) will be returned via DPD.


  1. Restore Cashmere Pants
    Restore Cashmere Pants
    As low as US$618.75
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