The essence of an English Garden. Timeless elegance expressed through our signature fragrance. 

The Story

A tranquil escape to nature, from the comfort of your own home. Let our signature scent transport you to a garden brimming with vibrant geraniums. 

Picture a serene garden where geraniums thrive in abundance. The setting is idyllic, with artfully arranged beds displaying a variety of geranium cultivars. Sunlight filters through the greenery, enhancing the vibrant colours of the blooms. Bees hum lazily, drawn by the sweet, citrusy scent lingering in the air. An extension to the signature Geranium range, our Candle and Diffuser capture the very essence of this setting; relax and enjoy the aromatic notes as they drift through your home.  

The scent from geranium leaves is refreshing yet comforting, offering a gentle reminder of nature's beauty and the simple joys it brings. The lively aroma uplifts the senses, as sweeter floral notes mingle with a more herbaceous, earthy undertones.

‘I've had a lifelong fascination with geraniums. To me, their scent is heaven - so uplifting and joyful, evoking memories of home and family. When I burn the candle at home, it feels like I'm walking into my garden: we've captured its purity and beauty’    


The Fragrance

Characterised by notes of refreshing peppermint, energising eucalyptus and calming lavender, these beautifully complement the mossy, earthy, sweet aroma of the geranium leaves. It is the scent of the English countryside, an ideal fragrance for those who are drawn to something crisp and floral.  


Key notes:

  • Geranium to reduce stress

  • Peppermint to calm 

  • Eucalyptus to improve mood

  • Lavendar to aid relaxation and promote tranquility

Create the perfect moment

An ideal spring-summer scent, Geranium's blend of uplifting notes evokes the season's renewal and blossoming beauty. Whether adorning a fresh kitchen counter or enhancing a leisurely morning bath, the fragrance breathes new life into every corner of your space.  


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